Club Events

2020 Events



Next Meeting

February 9 1pm at Timmy’s Timeout.  This is the annual meeting with election of Board Members and officers.  This is your club so be a part and make it the best



Winter Poker Run

January 23-25:  25-30 stops. Must return to Shipwreck Bay by 4pm on Saturday January 25th where hands will be dealt and the fun begins with raffles, silent auction, DJ and much much more.  This event is a fund raiser for Castle Rock Family ATV Club and Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club.  Support the CLUBS that work for your pleasure and please consider joining.  This is always a fun event.

Group Rides

June group ride will be a BLING ride so wear your BLING.  Details to follow


 Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club

Radar Runs February 1 at Shipwreck Bay






Note: Generally 30 days prior to an event, detailed information is available on home page.