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October 20 1pm at Shipwreck Bay.  This is your club so be a part and make it the best

Fall Poker Run

Sept 19, 20 & 21 Fall Poker Run CRFAC, Winter Wanderers and Juneau County Tavern League.  There are 31 stops but you only need 5 to play. There will a special drawing for those that are able and still standing to obtain all stops( one entry per person) first $50,  second $25.  We will have raffles, 50/50s, light buffet and more on the deck at Shipwreck Bay.   Must return to Shipwreck by 4pm.  75% payout

Stops areas follows:

Bavarian Campsite                 Heinies*                        Sandy Shore*              Wonderly’s

Body Shop*                           J & S Liquors                 Shipwreck Bay*

Buckhorn Café                       Kelly’s                              State Street Tap

Buckhorn Store*                  Kozy’s                             Swiney’s Sportsman*

Carl’s Bright Spot*               Opera House*                  The Lodge

Castle Rock Golf Course       Pine Cove                         The Rock

Clearfield Pub*                     Pour House                     Timmy’s Timeout*

Dirty Turtle                             Randalls Uptown*             Tuesday’s

Emerald Lounge                     Reel Inn*                           Vet’s Hall*

Harm A Ritas                          Roadhouse                        Way Station*

Bold Print indicates where sheets can be obtained

Note: Generally 30 days prior to an event, detailed information is available on home page.