Members Riding in Hayward
Iron River
Juneau County Fair Parade
Group Ride to Hustler
Group Ride Game
Mauston FFA Conservation Day
Juneau County Fair Parade
Iron River
Fall Group Ride- Kendall
Lyndon Station Suicide Poker Run - Summit Ridge
Fall Group Ride
Winter Wanderers mowing Trail

Welcome to Castle Rock Family ATV Club.  Here we hope you will explore our site. CRFAC is an ATV Club in Juneau County created for your safety and enjoyment.  Our goal is to have our routes/trails link to neighboring counties and eventually be part of the statewide trail system.

********GREAT NEWS********

All Juneau County, County roads are open to ATV/UTV use.  Remember only lettered roads are County roads. 

With the exception of the following:

CR HH from SR82 to 26th Ave Lyndon Station is NOT open.   CR G in Necedah from St Mary’s Way to the entrance to Rocky Road Ice Cream is NOT open.  Do NOT go from 37th St to Buckhorn G on SR 58.

Drive safe, have fun.  Don’t become a statistic!!!!



1.  Helmets can not only save your life but also prevent severe head injuries.
2.  Anyone born after January 1, 1988 MUST have taken a ATV safety class and            carry the certificate with you to ride in Wisconsin.
3.  Do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to or while riding.
4.  Obey all signs and maintain a safe speed do not overdrive your ability.
5.  Use your seatbelts in your UTV they are meant to keep you from being ejected         from your machine.
6.  Make sure your equipment is in working order. 

Next Meeting


February 17, 2024 10am Heinies, Mauston – Election of Officers

March 16, 2024 10am Heinies, Mauston


40 et 8 Chicken BBQ and UTV Raffle July 20, 2024 

Group Rides

We will have a group ride after every meeting from April to October.

General Information TIP 1.  Parking (off-loading) at Businesses  – It is fortunate for us hat several local businesses allow vehicle/trailer parking (off-loading ATV/UTVs) in their designated customer parking areas. However, it is best to communicate (check-in) with the business prior to off-loading to ensure “event” customers have available parking. Remember…….thank them for allowing vehicle/trailer parking.

General Information TIP 2.  Area ATV/UTV Route Maps – Area businesses have ATV/UTV route maps for sale ($5.00) that include local and surrounding communities or use atvridewi.com . Enjoy and Explore via your ATV/UTV. Remember many hours of hard work by ten area ATV clubs have made such a opportunity a reality. Travel only on designated routes and respect all property. Riding these routes are privileges granted by local units of government and are not a Right. Violators will be ticketed.