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Juneau County ATV/UTV routes are located in the Towns of Armenia, Cutler, Clearfield, Finley,
Fountain, Germantown, Kingston, Lisbon, Necedah, Orange, Plymouth, Kildare, Marion, Lindina, Lemonweir, Seven Mile Creek, Summit and the Village of Necedah, Camp Douglas, Hustler, Lyndon Station, Union Center, Wonewoc, and City of New Lisbon, Elroy, and Mauston). Note: not all town, village, or city roads have an ATV/UTV route designation. Each town, village, or city has their own ATV/UTV ordinances (rules of the road) regarding the operation of ATV/UTVs. These ordinances are similar but not exact. For specific “rules of the road” in the above jurisdictions contact the respective clerk’s office.

The ATV/UTV routes are generally open 365 days a year with some restrictions during the deer gun season and some limits on the daily hours of operation. The ATV/UTV routes are both paved (approx 50%) and unpaved (approx 50%) and journey through the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge and Meadow Valley Wildlife Area as well as local country side.

Amenities such as food, gasoline (limited on route), and lodging are generally available on and about the ATV/UTV routes. Parking Areas (vehicle and trailer) are identified on the maps and generally selected local businesses such as the Vets Hall in Necedah, Eagles Nest Resort, Wilderness in Sprague, Reel Inn in Necedah, and Road House in Necedah can accommodate.

ATV/UTV Maps endorsed by the Bear Bluff ATV Club, Castle Rock Family ATV Club, Over the Hill ATV Club, Sauk Ridge Runners ATV Club, Kendall Mustang Rider ATV Club Road Runner ATV Club of Monroe County, Team Knapp Riders ATV Club, WI River Runners ATV Club, and Petenwell ATV Club are available at most local businesses in Juneau County, Monroe County, and Northern Sauk County including portions of Crawford, Wood, Jackson, Richland , Vernon, Clark and Eastern LaCrosse Counties  for $5.00.