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CRFATVC Membership Applicaton

Why you should join an ATV club?
• To encourage a concern for the environment
• To encourage respect for public and private land
• To establish/develop places to ride
• To improve the image of ATVers
• To encourage the safe use of ATVs
• To organize and promote group ATV trips
• To promote the use of ATVs as a family sport
• To keep you informed of trail and route opening/closings
• To make you aware of law changes
It only takes one person to operate an ATV, but it’s certainly more fun when friends get together to ride. It is a lot easier to get out of those trouble spots when you have friends to give you a hand. The same thing applies when ATV owners work together in a club. Much can be accomplished through an organization when everyone takes an active part working together to make the club a success.


Family:  $40 for 3 years

Single:  $30 for 3 years