Club Events

2023 Events


h Vets Hall

June 17, 2023, Saturday 10am, 40 et 8 grounds, meeting  and Clean up

July 22, 2023, Saturday 10am, Heinies

September 23, 2023, Saturday 10am Matti’s Pub

October 22, 2023, Sunday 10am TBD

November12, 2023, Sunday 10am TBD


Chicken BBQ, July 15, 2023 40 et 8 Grounds and ATV Raffle
August 12, 2023 9am, WATVA Regional Meeting, 40 et 8 Grounds
May 13th Camp Douglas, Armed Forces 
July 8th WaDuShuda
August 29th County Fair

Group Rides

May and September Rides Upnorth TBD

Black River Falls Casino TBD

Note: Generally 14 days prior to an event, detailed information is available on home page.